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July 24, 2012


Thomas, the Tank Engine.

Thomas the Tank Engine began as a series of books written by Wilbert and Christopher Awdry. They were based on a real locomotive, the 1913 LB&SCR E2 class. The BBC took an interest in the character and in 1979 the television series began.

It consisted of shoots of model trains with emoji-style faces (nobody knew what such a thing was then and we thought they were smileys), eyes that moved according to the action and a lot of steam, both for the steamies and for the diesels. The people were static figures.

But in the 90s, the series changed from very little animation to CGI animation. The best example is Calling All Engines, possibly my son's favorite movie.

You can see the trailer here, but here is one great scene where Thomas and all the other engines goes really naughty.

Calling All Engines Part. 2

More about Thomas:

Images taken from Wikipedia and Wikipedia.


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